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March 2017 !!!

March is about to arrive… tonight!
This is going to be a very exciting year for us.
Soon I’ll be fleshing this page out, so stay tuned campers !


We’re getting closer !!!

Just realized this was never published LAST YEAR.
Seems I left it in the draft folder and forgot all about it.

We had a blast in the BVI’s !

So… one more ski trip to go. But at least got the motor started water system back up, heaters off the boat and all the covers off the dorads yesterday.  Today more work getting the dink back in shape. We had a leak between the alum hull and one tube and I’m adding a few other glue on attachments.  May keep the cover on just a bit longer to allow me to do some deck work. But will get it off fairly soon as in early May we will have volunteered to be a stake boat for the A/C Louis Vuitton Cup in NYC.