2018… a new year, a new sailing season !

It’s going to be a busy year ! Our winter cover is still on but making plans to remove it within a week or so. Our cockpit canvas should be ready around the same time and I also have to go up to Connecticut and pick up our sails from the loft. I have accepted the Port Captain position in Liberty Yacht Club and I’m pushing hard to get people involved in a fledgling PHRF racing series hosted by North Cove Sailing in NYC. We are also committing to roughly half dozen weekend regattas this year as well. Not to mention a trip up to Newport RI for the VOR ( Volvo ocean race) stop over in Mid May.
I’ve not been very consistent here but hoping to finally keep this blog more up-to-date so please stay tuned. Fair winds… Marc


What a difference a day makes.

So here we are… not even the end of March and our plans have changed dramatically for the upcoming year.
Unfortunately cannot go into detail at the moment but suffice it to say, won’t be the year that we had anticipated.

Will definitely make a point of staying up-to-date on this page through the season as that was my intention before this change came along. We have every intention to make it a good one too !

So stay tuned campers. Marc

March 2017 !!!

March is about to arrive… tonight!
This is going to be a very exciting year for us.
Soon I’ll be fleshing this page out, so stay tuned campers !

We’re getting closer !!!

Just realized this was never published LAST YEAR.
Seems I left it in the draft folder and forgot all about it.

We had a blast in the BVI’s !

So… one more ski trip to go. But at least got the motor started water system back up, heaters off the boat and all the covers off the dorads yesterday.  Today more work getting the dink back in shape. We had a leak between the alum hull and one tube and I’m adding a few other glue on attachments.  May keep the cover on just a bit longer to allow me to do some deck work. But will get it off fairly soon as in early May we will have volunteered to be a stake boat for the A/C Louis Vuitton Cup in NYC.

I’ve been a bit lazy…

Will be making time soon though.  We have two ski trips and a week in BVI coming up. Then it’s off to the boat I go to engage in a bunch of upgrades and maintenance items prior to our moving aboard this spring. So.. watch this space !


Winter blues… Need a sail fix soon !

Although this has been a very mild winter to date the boat is buttoned up till spring and I’m jonesing for a good sail.  Luckily that will now be coming a bit sooner in the form of a 1 week trip to the BVI’s in Late February.  So…  I just need to hang on for another 30 days or so.  Watch this space for our voyage.

It seems a bit of housekeeping is in order.

Day two begins by realizing the photos I posted just yesterday (when this blog began) seem somewhat confusing. Which boat is ours you may ask… The larger of the two, which is named No Doubt. The smaller one is our wonderful previous boat of six years named Carmarché which was sold to a proud new owner late summer of 2015. We purchased No Doubt in September 2014 and are preparing to make it our new home this spring/2016.Still learning this site and needless to say will get better as I go. 😉

Hello World…

Just a quick word to say hello. Please be kind I’m new to this.

Hope to flesh out this sailing life blog as time goes on.   😃IMG_5382