Found out last night that no pump-outs were available in our temporary marina or even nearby (multiple locations had breakdowns….) so had to make a 3hr… 16mi round trip to Oxford Md.

Got the holding tank emptied ant topped up w/fuel also. All was well and a very nice motor out the Choptank River but… 3 BIG storm cells were moving our way at 25kts.

Turned out 90% of it missed us completely and we just docked in a bit of wind/rain… it was nearly clear by the time we were secure.

Nice shakedown of our new electronics and great to be out on the water again even if only as a powerboat. 😉

So… on to the Ahhhhh…


What a month it’s been !

Just one month ago today (April 4th 2019) we removed our winter canvas cover. On April 13th we left our slip of 4 seasons (5 winters) as we arrived with this boat in September 2014. Spent our last night in a transient slip there and departed on Sunday April 14th in chilly and less than favorable conditions. (slip-less)

That day was the worst of it but after 4 additional days of high winds and less than calm seas we arrived here on 18/Thursday at precisely 1200.

We are currently in Cambridge Md on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake and are at the tail end of our electronics/instrument upgrade which I have been directly assisting with. We still have a few more days to finish some electrical ie: shore power changes. But… tomorrow we will move the boat from the installers private docks to the municipal marina <1 mile away.

Then drop off our little boy Buckley to a local home where he will stay during our drive to Florida for our niece Zoë's high honors graduation 👩‍🎓 from U of Tampa.

We will return to the boat on the 15th or 16th and in a few days drive north to NJ for a few days to settle a few scores… (just kidding 😂)

Hopefully my honey Caroline will be contributing here again soon for her spin on the last few weeks.

Oh yeah… we also drove to Portsmouth Va last wknd where I aced the testing for my final 3 endorsements of my USCG license renewal. 😃

Please stay tuned… more to come.


S/V No Doubt on the move

Hi this is Caroline, Marcs wife. I will be using this blog with Marc to offer a different perspective and to record our journey. Speaking with a friend yesterday, I realize that some people have a lot of questions about our lifestyle. I remember too the questions I had about people who just took off on their boats, sold homes etc.to travel. I will attempt to keep those questions in mind as I write this blog.

Here goes

This is day 4 of our journey which will end in Cambridge, Maryland where we will have some instrument upgrades done. We currently use our Ipad with Navionics software propped on top of our large impressive looking but hard to use built in devices. Time to get into the 21st century and upgrade. We’re going to Mid Shore electronics to get the work done. Marc was impressed by the owner who we met at Annapolis boat show and he gave us a good deal.

Its a 5 day odyssey to get there. We believe the journey is a good shakedown for summer cruising.

Day 1 Liberty Landing to Atlantic city was so unpleasant that we ended up in Manasquan instead. The wind gales were gale force 20 to 45 mph. Poor Buckley ( our Shih Tzu) was a mess and I just tried to keep calm. It was windy even at the T dock we were on. Despite the weather we both had a great nights sleep. Go figure!

Day 2- Manasquan to Cape May. Used the jib most of the day to motor sail. Saw Dolphins at the cape May inlet.

Day 3- Cape May to Bear, Delaware where we stayed at Summit North Marina. Beautiful place and very peaceful. We enjoyed a nice meal at the Grain H20 restaurant on site. Marc got some good local knowledge from the locals re Marinas to stay.

Today is very pleasant heading down the Elk river part of the Chesapeake & Delaware canal,sun on my back , temperatures in the 60’s in mid April. No complaints.Minimal wind so no sailing. Maybe we are power boaters at heart says Marc as I state how nice this is looking at the shore and the large houses which remind me of Long Island Sound.

We have a marina reserved for tonight- we do it day by day- as we have found weather forecasting to be quite inaccurate. High winds not expected etc. so hard to predict more than a day at a time.

I left my job on March 1st 2019- that’s already over 7 weeks ago. To think one of my biggest concerns was boredom!! For those that know me I’m always planning something. Next trip, next weekend, a play in the city, a bike-ride. Anything just to keep moving. Plus I worked long hours that left me mentally drained.

Getting ready to leave Liberty Landing , which has been our home for the past 2 1/2 years and tenants for 11 seasons in total, was busy and stressful. Figuring-out what needed to come with us , what needed to stay and what else we could offload took up a lot of our time. We needed to have clothing for cold weather and summer and finally sell things we no longer needed. Getting stuff off the boat that didn’t need to be there was another to do. Marc planned a swap and sell on the lightship at Liberty Landing Marina ( LLM) the saturday before we left. It started out slow but we moved most of the things we brought and even made some money. 2 happy people cycled off with our 20 year old bicycles and Marc sold all his old tools. It didn’t hurt as much as we thought. He opened the swap meet up to anyone on the Morris Canal FB page. Several people participated and all sold stuff. We started to feel the tension reduce.

The to do lists as we prepared to leave were lengthy. We needed a new mailing address, Doctors appointments scheduled, taxes done,the question of our cars settled?

What we found was every time we checked another thing off our list,we felt a little more sense of accomplishment and control. We can do this. We had to do this as we had not renewed our slip at LLM. Many of the people we knew well there were also moving out. Change was in the air. It was unsettling for everyone. I remember the feeling of loss when other people we had been friends-with over the years left and now it was us.

The last few days were hectic. Marc had a minor procedure needing anesthesia just to make it interesting a few days before. Still despite warnings of no activity he still put the mainsail up with assistance from our neighbor Winston given that he had a weather window to get it done that same day. Winston is a power boater but helped 3 boaters on our dock with their sails that day. What a great guy. Not a minute was wasted.

I was doing Physical therapy for a ski injury in January that was initially diagnosed as a muscle strain but was actually a fracture. You can’t make this stuff up.

We enjoyed farewells with friends especially appreciating the event planned at Liberty house to wish all those boaters leaving the best. Moochie did a very nice candle ceremony to acknowledge everyone’s contributions to our boating community.

A friend offered to allow Marc to park his truck by his business which will give him time to figure out what to do with it longterm.

The last thing we did was drop my car with another friend Pete who is driving it down to Maryland to meet us. We will be there until early June. Haven’t figured out what we will do with it yet at the other end but I’m starting to not worry about these details. See I’m learning! It’s just us and the boat now!

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

And… we’re off !!!

It’s been a BUSY past few weeks !
Sorry I haven’t added anything since the cover came off.
That said at this moment we are now southbound on the Chesapeake and my honey Caroline is typing her very 1st contribution to this page.
Plan is for us to each share our thoughts moving forward.
Stay tuned campers !
Same boat time…
Same boat channel!!! 😝

Winter cover is off !!! 😃

Step one ! ✅ Next canvas, then sails.

It’s official !

I’ve been under a gag order (by Caroline) for the last few years but now I’m freeeeee ! 😂

Our plan for a year (or so) off from work, allowing us to travel has been a five year plan for almost 10 years now as it was deferred multiple times. But as of March 1st we we’re both officially (at least technically) free from work. Both of us have made arrangements with our employers to remain in per-diem status so will return to NJ occasionally to work for a few days in order to stay current.

No Doubt and her faithful crew will depart NY Harbor around 0800 on 4/14 and bounce our way to Chesapeake Bay with an ETA of 4/19-20. (Weather permitting) Where we will remain for several weeks before heading North to explore the coast of Maine and possibly beyond.

Hope you’ll follow along as Caroline & I attempt to keep this alternative to FB fleshed out.

Talk again soon ! Marc

Spring has sprung !

So here we are 3rd of April and in just 11 days our new adventure starts !!!

We have not renewed our slip in Liberty Landing Marina where we have been for 10 years now with 2 different boats. Contracts here run April 15 to April 15 so… on Sunday AM on the 14th we will be departing for Cambridge MD on the Chesapeake for some electronic & electrical upgrades. We are due there on the 20th.

High winds are forecast in NY Harbor today the so the cover will be coming off tomorrow and getting the boat ready for sea starts in earnest.

They tuned, this is the where it should start getting interesting. 😉

2019… This is THE year ! 😉

Days are already getting longer and we’re looking forward to spring. Hopefully Puxatawney Phil was correct a few weeks ago !

Updates here will finally be a regular occurrence so stay tuned !

Same boat time…

Same boat channel !!!

(To paraphrase Batman)

2018… a new year, a new sailing season !

It’s going to be a busy year ! Our winter cover is still on but making plans to remove it within a week or so. Our cockpit canvas should be ready around the same time and I also have to go up to Connecticut and pick up our sails from the loft. I have accepted the Port Captain position in Liberty Yacht Club and I’m pushing hard to get people involved in a fledgling PHRF racing series hosted by North Cove Sailing in NYC. We are also committing to roughly half dozen weekend regattas this year as well. Not to mention a trip up to Newport RI for the VOR ( Volvo ocean race) stop over in Mid May.
I’ve not been very consistent here but hoping to finally keep this blog more up-to-date so please stay tuned. Fair winds… Marc

What a difference a day makes.

So here we are… not even the end of March and our plans have changed dramatically for the upcoming year.
Unfortunately cannot go into detail at the moment but suffice it to say, won’t be the year that we had anticipated.

Will definitely make a point of staying up-to-date on this page through the season as that was my intention before this change came along. We have every intention to make it a good one too !

So stay tuned campers. Marc